Why Compressed Air Purification ?

In most manufacturing and service industries compressed air is an absolute essential utility and process medium. The compressor draws in ambient air, which is contaminated with pollutants, particles and water. At compression stage contaminated air is in addition exposed to high temperature and subsequent thermal reactions. The compressed air leaving a compressor contains considerable quantities of water vapour, oil and dirt-supplied untreated into the distribution lines, the moisture would condense to liquid water as it cooled, causing corrosion and considerable damage to the equipment using the air.


A Correct Solution for every problem

To avoid unnecessary break down compressed air must be dry, clean and oil free. Installation of a high efficiency dryer package is the effective means of ensuring that no further cooling and condensation of water can occur in the pipe work.

As a manufacture of purification systems, PURONICS SYSTEM offer engineered solutions which are absolutely optimized to each other.



Whenever compressed air is correctly filtered and dried a real pay back can be achieved especially when using the PURONICS SYSTEM engineered solution. We guarantee the capital and running cost to be the most economical solution. High efficiency-Dryers are supplied for pressure dew points, ranging from +3°C to -70°C. Flow capacity from 1scfm to 6000 scfm available. High pressure dryers are also available.

Dryer Types

1. Refrigerant Type Dryer - Pressure Dew Point +3°C to +5°C.
2. Heatless Type Dryer (Adsorption Type) - Pressure Dew Point -20°C to -70°C.