Why Purification ?

Compressed air is one of the essential services in any industry. Unfortunately compressed air/gas contains a considerable amount of contamination which can have drastic effects on the equipment using it. In addition to this, there are contamination such as hydrocarbon vapours (from unburnt fuels and industry processes) and water vapour. All of these are drawn into the compressor and their concentration increase by the compression process.


Inside the compressor, wear particles and lubricating oil are added to the air.

It is never an advantage to have oil from a compressor in the distribution system as this oil inevitably degraded and oxidized after the heat of compression. If synthetic oils are being used these can cause chemical attack on downstream components such as seal and polymeric parts.Carbonisation of the lubricating oil in the compressor is not uncommon due to the temperature of compression and the presence of hot spots, results in deposits of carbon which are again carried over. It is worth taking note at the point that even using an "oil free" compressor does not necessarily generate "Oil Free" air as quite large amounts of hydrocarbons can be drawn in from the atmosphere. Oil aerosol is present in a very fine sub-micron form and has the ability to travel many kilometer down pipe-work system without settling due to gravity and / or other effects.


In most of the industry, air compressor is widely used equipment for many applications. Due to mind set people do not think air which is distributed in the lines and eventually they breathe when it is exhausted from the lines and machines is unhealthy. Unknowingly people breathe the contaminated air. Hence is it not wise? to use compressed air filter which is totally removing oil, water, dirt and odour from the air, there by people in the shop floor and also environment is protected.Puronics System is one such manufacture of high efficiency compressed air filter and provides solutions to all.

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